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What is a girl's name that has a sad meaning?

What is a girl's name that has a sad meaning?? I am writing a paper and I want the character's name to represent the melancholy tone of the paper.


What is a girl's name that has a sad meaning?






Mara (bitter)

Amara (bitter)



Hope these help :-)
Reply:Deirdre : "From the older Gaelic form Derdriu, meaning unknown, possibly derived from a Celtic word meaning "woman". This was the name of a tragic character in Irish legend who died of a broken heart after Conchobhar, the king of Ulster, forced her to be his bride and killed her lover Naoise."

Dolores: "Means "sorrows", taken from the Spanish title of the Virgin Mary Mar铆a de los Dolores, meaning "Mary of Sorrows". It has been used in the English-speaking world since the 19th century, becoming especially popular in America during the 1920s and 30s."

Tristabel (or Tristabella, Tristbelle...) : "Beautiful, Sad, Thoughtful. "


Avalon ~ Latin ~ Island

Edie ~ Old English ~ Rich War

Isla ~ Scottish ~ Island (pretty lonesome)

Marian ~ Old English ~ Sea of Bitterness

Monica ~ Greek ~ Solitary

Check these names out too.
Reply:Dolores- Sorrows

Lola/Lolita- Sorrows

Polly- Great Sorrow

Tristessa- Sadness

Mariah, Marie, Marisa, Marianne, Mariana, Maureen, Miriam, Mia, Marietta, Mariel, and Molly- Sea of bitterness.

Orgin: French

Meaning: Sad Love Affair


Gender: Male

Meaning: Sad

Sad (It's actually a name)

Gender: Male

Reply:Only names I know of that means "sorrow" [Via del la rosa], the road Jesus walked with His cross before His crucifixion, Delores' means "many sorrows"."MERRY CHRISTMAS"!
Reply:Mallory: "Unhappy, unlucky"
Reply:my name Maria means bitter

not a good meaning... :(

Dolores * oh first answer gave you this one
Reply:The name would be Dolores. In the Catholic religion it means the seven sorrows.
Reply:Tangi means "to cry with great sadness"

But I think it is a pretty name

= )

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